Cannabis Policy Project drops Ohio medical

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Ohioans will not be voting on medical marijuana this fall because Marijuana Policy Project dropped its project after lawmakers passed a comprehensive strategy Wednesday.

National cannabis legalization powerhouse Marijuana Policy Project, and its regional affiliate, Ohioans for Medical Marijuana, revealed Saturday they would suspend a project to legislate medical cannabis in Ohio. The group had actually been working to pick up the more than 305,000 valid signatures it needed by July 6 to make the November ballot.


Medical marijuana is assisting, patients say

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A lot of patients registered in Minnesota's medical cannabis program think the medication is helping them, however a majority likewise believe it's unaffordable, according to a Minnesota Department of Health study.

About 90 percent of patients surveyed by the firm saw some take advantage of the medical cannabis, with about half of clients giving the medication Mercury MMJ the greatest marks possible, saying they'd got a "good deal of benefit."

"They feel like they've benefited quite substantially," stated Tom Arneson, research study supervisor at the Minnesota Department of Health. "Although a little but important percentage seem like they have actually not received much "


'Creative' stoners planted seed for much safer

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Swiss scientists have taken a leaf from the pothead dish book to brew an e-cigarette cannabis liquid for medical use they stated Thursday is much safer than a joint and better than a pill.

"Therapeutic cannavaping", they argued, ought to be examined as an option to existing treatments which can come in the kind of a syrup, tablet, mouth spray, skin spot, suppository, or a plain-old spliff.

The team copied an improvised approach popular amongst marijuana afficionados utilizing butane gas to extract and concentrate cannabinoids-- the active, high-causing substances of cannabis.

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