Medical marijuana is assisting, patients say

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much benefit at all from the medical marijuana, which is really something that does not shock me excessive it's not going to be handy to everybody."

Practically three-quarters of surveyed medical cannabis clients stated that the most significant drawback of the state's program is that it's unaffordable.

"It is pricey and unaffordable for numerous parts of our population," Arneson stated. "It's something that we hear about a lot, because some individuals are feeling like it's really benefiting them, and the expense is hard."

Clients enrolled in the program needs to pay an annual charge of $200, although some may be qualified for a discount. Medical cannabis is not covered by any health insurance in the state, so patients need to cover the expenses themselves. For numerous, this can amount to hundreds of dollars a month.

One patient composed in the remarks submitted with the survey that they believe the cost needs to decrease. They said "it's much more efficient to go out and buy it on the street; however wanting to be legal I would rather pay the higher price."

About 20 percent of patients reported some negative effects, consisting of dizziness, feeling high or paranoid.

The state reports that 1,442 patients are enrolled in the program as of June. Minnesota's medical cannabis is amongst the most restrictive in the country. Only 9 conditions consisting of cancer and Crohn's disease are presently covered by the program, although patients with "intractable discomfort" will be qualified in August.

Arneson stated much of the research study about the efficiency of medical cannabis originates from outside the country because the federal government still considers it a Schedule 1 controlled substance. He stated Minnesota is the only state investigating the efficiency of a medical marijuana program to this level.

"This is reasonably brand-new surface for truly all healthcare professionals," Arneson said. "In some sense, this program is clearly an experiment because there isn't really all that much learnt about how this product might benefit and might damage clients."

The survey was sent out to 435 clients who purchased the medication in the first three months of the program, and a little more than half of those patients completed the survey. Another 169 patients were surveyed by health care carriers. Arneson said more results from the studies will be released later in the year.